Foot Massage


Lazy Man’s Yoga is exactly What Thai Massage is! In other words, unlike other types of massage services, in Thai Massage, you lie on the floor, and there is no oil or other lubricant involved.

Rather a certified massage therapist joins you and stretches your body parts. In Thai massage, the therapists use their body parts to make your body feel relaxed and remove all the muscle knots while you lay down comfortably.

Lastly, Thai Massage is based on the traditions of Asia and Buddhism. Thus, you get the energy alignment, and your body feels strongly rejuvenated.Our Feet hold the weight of all our body parts. They are crucial and have almost 7000 Nerves. Considering this fact, many traditional practices were born involving Foot Massages. In Foot Massage, a Foot Massage Therapist works only on the Foot.

However, the positive impact of Foot Massage from us can be felt in the whole body. Having a Foot Massage once in a while can significantly improve your health.

Many Foot Massages involve rollers, but the best ones are where the Licensed Therapists use their hands to apply gentle strokes of various kinds. Benefits of Foot Massage include:-

  • Improvement in Blood Circulation
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Digestion and Cognitive Abilities
  • Reduction in Body Pain
  • Makes Feet Healthier and Prettier
Foot Massage

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